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Marie is selling several of her dolls to support Children's charities. If you would like information on which dolls and how much, email dollsbymarie@yahoo.com
and you will receive lists as the dolls are sorted and made available. As most of you know, Marie kept the #1 and #2 and then some other random numbers at times. This is a great chance to purchase a doll that personally belonged to Marie and support Children's charities at the same time.

Marie's concert at the North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, MA. Click the picture. That's her daughter, Rachael, singing backup.

QVC live audience show-August, 2011

Thanks to Marcia for getting me down to say hi to Marie and for taking a nice picture of the moment for me!


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For Sale
I have some dolls for sale from my collection. I've been adding more as I sort through what I have stored away. Please keep checking back to see if there's anything you might like. I've added some older dolls from the collection. Updated 3/15/10. Click below to check it out.

Click here to see what's available.

Paula's Pics
Paula is a long time Osmond fan and has met Marie several times. Along with Lianne and Hilaneh, we have a lot of fun going to see Marie at various venues and renewing the friendships we've found. This is a great section, so be sure to check it out!
Page 1 Photos Page 2 Photos Page 3 Photos Page 4 Photos Page 5 Photos
Page 6 Photos Page 7 Photos Page 8 8/31/97 Page 9 Photos Philadelphia Fox Studios w/Donny
Doll & Teddy Bear Expo w/donny 10/98 Live audience 8/7/99 Signing 1/16/99 Signing 11/27/99 Warner Brothers signing 10/23/99
Photos 2/19/01 Page 17 Photos Photo 3/15/02 Doll & Teddy Expo 8/01 #1 Doll & Teddy Expo 8/01 #2
Doll & Teddy Expo 8/01 #3 Doll & Teddy Expo 8/01 #4 Doll & Teddy Expo 8/01 #5 Doll & Teddy Expo 8/01 #6 Signing 8/14/02
Signing 5/02 #1 Signing 5/02 #2 Signing 5/02 #3 Signing 5/02 #4 Speaking Appearance '02
Beary Best Friends Luncheon 8/25/02 #1 Beary Best Friends Luncheon 8/25/02 #2 Beary Best Friends Luncheon 8/25/02 #3 Beary Best Friends Luncheon 8/25/02 #4 Beary Best Friends Luncheon 8/25/02 #5
Live Audience 8/03 Hershey, PA Signing 10/15/04 Scrapbooking Weekend - Dinner w/Marie 8/13/05 Utah Reunion - Friday Morning Fashion Show 10/13/06 Utah Reunion - Friday Night Birthday Bash 10/13/06
Utah Reunion - Saturday Signing 10/14/06 Utah Reunion - Saturday Slumber Party 10/14/06 Hershey's Chocolate World 6/19/07 Marie and the Osmond Brothers Concert - Turning Stone - 10/26/07 PBS Station with Donny
Happily Ever After Dinner 8/10/07 Doll and Teddy Bear Expo Signing 8/11/07 Backstage in Shippensburg, PA 11/30/07 Magic of Christmas Show - Trump Marina 12/1/07 Dancing With the Stars Philadelphia, PA 2/10/08
Boscov's Signing 2/16/08 QVC Signing 10/6/08 QVC Signing 6/15/09    

Snappy Photo Gallery

MSNBC Special
Page One
MSNBC Special
Page Two
MSNBC Special
Page Three
MSNBC Special
Page Four
MSNBC Special
Page Five
MSNBC Special
Page Six
Bob Hope Special early 90's.
Page One
Bob Hope Special early 90's.
Page Two
Bob Hope Special early 90's.
Page Three
Very Merry Christmas Special:
Page One
Very Merry Christmas Special:
Page Two
Very Merry Christmas Special:
Page Three
Hosting Motor Hall Sports Awards Christmas appearance on Nashville Now Showboat Special on TNN Entertainment Tonight D&M Show - Marie Osmond Rose D&M Show - Father's Day
Miss America 9/2000 Hosting Rosie O'Donnell Show 1986 CMA Duo of Year Entertainment Tonight 3-03   D&M Closing Cermonies of 2002 Olympics

Doll Event Photos

The Debut Disney Parade & Signing Marie w/Lots of Dolls Marie at a Doll Expo Anita's Pics
Anita's Pics - Rosemont 2003 Mall of America
Judy's Pics
8/5/00 Helena Signing Karen B.'s Pics
Disney Land Signing Fall '00
Sherry's Pics - Rosemont 2001 MDF Signing 8/4/01 Karen B. & ginny's Pics
Disneyana Convention 9/01
Karen B.'s Pics
Disneyland-Adora Belle Tour Guide Signing 12/01
Debbie's Pics
Disneyland-Adora Belle Tour Guide Signing 12/01
Tammy's Pics - Marie's Speech Series '02 Barbie's Rosemont Pics 6/02 Sherry's Pics - Rosemont 2002 Cathy's Bellagio Pics 7/02 Judy's Bellagio Pics 7/02 Karen B.'s Pics Disneyland Signing 8/3/02 Beary Best Friends Luncheon, Washington DC 8/25/02  Karen B.'s Pics Disneyland Signing Fall '02
Cathy's Bellagio Pics 12/02 Judy's Bellagio Pics 12/02 Sonja Bryer Signing Report 5/03 Sherry's Pics - Rosemont 2003 Karen B.'s Pics Disneyland Signing - 7/26/03  Brigitte's Pics from - Las Vegas - 8/03 Tami's Doll Market Pics 11/8/03 Karen B. & Suzanne's Pics Disneyland Signing - 7/24/04
Cathy's Pics Disneyland Signing - 7/24/04 Signing 8/20/04  Doug's Pics - Hershey World 10/15/04 Sue's Pics - IDEX 1/05 Becky & Teresa's - IDEX 1/05  Cathy's Bellagio Pics 6/14/05 Teresa's Pics - Visions in Dallas 8/27/05 Provo Signing Pics - 9/05
Karen's Pics - Disneyland 12/05 Teresa's Pics - Disneyland 12/05 IDEX 1/06 Sue Novak's IDEX 1/06 Barbie's Chicago Quilt Show Pics 4/06 Teresa's Bellagio Pics 6/30/06 Cathy's Bellagio Pics 6/30/06 Teresa's Pics - Disneyland 7/15/06
Disneyland Rose Debut Pics 7/15/06 Lori's Crystal Gala & Expo Pics 8/18-19/06 Teresa's Crystal Gala Pics 8/18/06 Teresa's Expo Pics 8/19/06 Crystal Gala & Expo Pics 8/18-19/06 Becky's Utah Story Sue Novak's Utah Photos Teresa's Utah Photos
Tim Thompson's Utah Weekend Story and Doll Market Signing Michaelle's Photos from Lane's Doll Signing And Photos from Carol Ownbey Becky's IDEX 1/07 Pics
Teresa's Disneyland Brunch Pics 7/7/07 Lori's Happily Ever After Dinner Pics 8/10/07 Lori's Expo Pics 8/11/07 Stephanie's Happily Ever After Dinner Pics and Expo Pics 8/07
Stephanie's Tapestry - A Day for Women Pics 4/25/08 Toy Fair 2/08 Stephanie's Vegas brunch pics 11/08 Flamingo Signing 12/12/08 Cindy's Pics from Tai Pan and Flamingo Signings Flamingo Signing 2/13/09 Michele's signing pics 4/15/09 Flamingo Signing 5/2/09
Rhonda's Pics from the Flamingo Signing 6/20/09 Teresa's Pics from the Flamingo Signing 5/2/09            


Donny & Marie at the Premier of "Meet Joe Black" At the Circus w/the kids 1999 AMA 9/13/99
at the Emmy's
Music City News Songwriters Awards Photos Marie Trading Cards What Kind of Man Walks on
a Woman Photos
Various TV
1989 Telethon Page One 1989 Telethon Page Two ACM Photos Miscellaneous Photos  CMN Telethons Marie at Retinoblastoma International's 2nd Annual Miracles Event 11/99 Donny & Marie at Retinoblastoma International's 2nd Annual Miracles Event 11/99 Marie with Stephen at Retinoblastoma International's 2nd Annual Miracle Event 11/99
Donny & Marie Concert Photos Marie Concert Photos New York Book Signing 5/1/01  Doug's Photos
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Cathy's Photos
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Angelica's Photos  Ebay Photos from Candid Star Photos Brigitte's Pics of Marie at the Hollywood Star 8/7/03
Marie at the Oscars Various Pictures from Photoworld A page of photos I bought off Ebay Sherry's Pics - Osmond Star Ceremony 2003 Miss America Pageant Sue & Denis Novak's Pics - Disney World's Candlelight Processional 2006 And some old photos Lianne bought from Ebay
Teresa's Pics - Magic of Christmas Tour Doug's Photos - "Magic of Christmas" Tour Stephanie's Photos - "Magic of Christmas" Tour Sherry's Xocai Chocolate Presentation Osmond's 50th Anniversary Weekend "Magic of Christmas" Show - Trump Marina 12/1/07 Becky's Pics - Dancing With the Stars Providence, RI 2/9/08 Dancing With the Stars Screen Caps
Miss USA Rehearsal 4/10/08 Miss USA Screen Caps 4/11/08 Osmonds Pioneeer Day Concert Eileen V.'s MGM Show Pics 7/08 Good Morning America Pics
One Two Three
Linda Perry's Good Morning America Pics Marie and Fabric Photos of Marie on the Streets of New York
Karen's Pics - Northridge, CA Book Signing 5/4/09 North Shore Music Theatre Concert 8/29/11   Photos of the Vegas Show        

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