I need to thin out my collection. Email becky@mariedolls.net to purchase. They are all displayed and in excellent condition. Non smoking home. Click on the link of their name to see more photos and the certificate info. Small dolls will be $7 to ship and large dolls will be $15. Several of the dolls are signed by Marie with some that have the sculptors and a few with the costumer. It's very difficult to get those signatures, making these very special in a collection. These dolls span several years of collecting and at this point, it's silly to keep them stored away in closets and under my bed.  


Keepsake Valentine - $35 - exclusively version available at the IDEX brunch event in 2007, with the IDEX banner. The "Be Mine" banner is included as well. Box is signed by Marie.

Rosie & Rags Tiny Tots - $60 - signed by the sculptor, Beverly Stoehr

Adora Belle Fox Trot - $60

Classic Beauty - $200 - Limited Edition of 500

Cherries Jubilee - $100 - the first photo is her correct outfit. I redressed her in the fall outfit which you can also purchase for an additional $25 if you wish.

Baby Adora My Doll Friend - signed by Marie - #8 of edition - Limited edition of 300 - $150


Alice in Wonderland - Curtsy to the Queen - $100

Tush - $60 - from 1994

Madam Butterfly - $60

Damsel Dragonfly - $60

Helena Tiny Tot - $30

Carrie - $45

Sweet Settee - $40

On Pins & Needles - $40

Julie Anna $25 - Petite Amour

Lucy Goosey Petite Amour - $20



The Nutcracker - Storybook - $20 she comes in the book pictured above.

Thumbelina - Storybook - $20 - she comes in the book pictured below.